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GRAVITAS is an online school on a mission to cultivate Christian character and scholarship in students worldwide so that they, and the communities they serve, flourish.

Through Gravitas, students receive the best online college preparatory education possible and access to unique programs via live, synchronous teaching. We are currently enrolling students in our Fall 2023 full-time and part-time programs. You can also jumpstart your child’s Gravitas journey right now through our Passion Academy courses.

We also partner with churches and other schools to offer Character Formation programs that reinforce Biblical virtues and establish truths counter to cultural and social pressures.

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Now enrolling for Winter 2023
and Fall 2024
Full-time, live instruction
Grades 5 - 12


Now enrolling for Winter 2023
Select classes, live instruction
Grades 5 - 12

Passion Academies

New Academies forming regularly
Accelerated, challenging courses
Grades 5 - 12

Character Formation

Self-paced, start anytime
Families, Youth Groups, After School program
Grades 5 - 12

OUR process for Full & Part-time Enrollment

Start your journey

Gravitas wants to ensure that every family has the support and information they need for their student to thrive.  Our Admissions Counselors are with you every step of the way!  Here is what you can expect in the pathway to becoming part of our global community of students:

Personal Interview with our Admissions Director
This 30-minute conversation is an opportunity for parents and students to learn more about Gravitas and determine if Gravitas is a good fit for your educational goals.
Submit your Application and Student Essay
Once you have decided to move forward in the process, you will submit your application and corresponding fee. We will provide a checklist of what information will need to be provided with the application.
Tuition & On-Boarding
Upon acceptance into Gravitas, the next step is to finalize your tuition and select your classes. Our admissions team will continue to partner with you in this phase to help with payment plans, financial aid and class resources.

Full-Time Enrollment

Who is this for?

What you can expect

As a full-time Gravitas student, you will take four rigorous courses at a time, allowing you to dive deeply into what you are learning instead of juggling all of the courses for the academic year at once. You can attend live online class at times that fit your schedule and complete coursework when it’s most convenient for you.

You will take math, world language, and some elective courses over the course of the academic year and intensive courses in eleven-week blocks, one at a time. Your intensive courses will take approximately three hours per day, with about 80 minutes devoted to live instruction and discussion with your classmates.

Now accepting applications for Fall 2023
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Part-Time Enrollment

What you can expect

Part-time Gravitas students can attend live online class at times that fit your schedule and complete coursework when it’s most convenient for you.

We offer several accredited and certificate courses in subjects like math, world language, and science over the course of the academic year.  Each course includes about 60-minutes of class time devoted to live instruction and discussion with your classmates per day.

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Now enrolling for Fall 2023
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Passion Academies

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What you can expect

Passion Academies allow students to explore, ignite, and cultivate their passions through interactive and interdisciplinary project-based courses, guest lectures from industry professionals, case studies and partnerships with real-world organizations, and research and design activities. In the program, students learn by doing. Increasingly, skills that are demanded in the digital age include creativity, empathy, critical thinking, innovation, systems analysis, technology design, leadership, social influence, and problem-solving to tackle complex problems in the world. These skills are best cultivated through problem-based learning approaches that ask students to design solutions to real-world problems.

Summer Intensives

Who is this for?

Session C (7/17-8/4)

  • College Counseling (not for credit)
  • Health & Human Flourishing (0.5 credits)
  • Philosophy Honors: Artificial Intelligence(0.5 credits)

What you can expect

Gravitas offers a select number of intensive courses to rising 6-12th grade students using a blended synchronous/asynchronous plan where students do all of the work for asynchronous online courses and then meet with the teacher synchronously over WebEX on average four times a week for live discussion-based meetings. In the live sessions, the teacher provides personalized instruction and feedback and answers to whatever questions the students may have. Students may also meet synchronously with each other to work on group projects. Students must be highly motivated and disciplined to complete these intensive courses as they require roughly a week’s worth of work per day. Students should expect to spend 4-5 hours daily on their coursework, and they should complete all of their assignments in advance of their live class meetings.

Character Formation

Who is this for?

About this Program

For Gravitas, character is more than a buzzword. It’s our reason for existing as an institution. Spark your moral imagination by reading stories of virtue and vice, discussing the big questions of life, and seeking wisdom in the Scriptures, history, and great literature. Cultivate the intellectual virtues that will help you reliably discern truth and lead well in a fallen world. Gravitas’s Character Formation Program is backed by the latest empirical research from the Harvard Human Flourishing Program and is on a mission to cultivate love, hope, faith, wisdom, justice, courage, and temperance in the hearts and minds of young adults.

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what sets gravitas apart?

Attend an Info Session

Dr. Sean Riley, Executive Director, will answer your questions and provide insight into what it is like to be a part of Gravitas in a live, informal discussion via Zoom.  Meet other prospective families and Gravitas staff. 

Upcoming Sessions

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I really love that Gravitas focuses on character building. My son has expressed to me great appreciation for the lessons in philosophy and I especially love the weekly chapels that students must attend as it focuses on building character in a world where character is being challenged all the time. I can see how my son’s thought process and views are evolving in ways that focus more on the bigger picture. As a parent, I love the small size class instruction and the opportunities given by the teachers to get additional help and support when needed. After my son went through his first intensive, I realized that his previous school attended, which was a public school, must have glossed over the areas where my son has the most room to grow. Now that he is at Gravitas, the areas where he needs the most support have been brought to the forefront and Gravitas has provided support in areas of weakness so my son can improve as a student.
Trish, Parent '25 New York, United States

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Gravitas offers an online learning experience that is designed to keep you engaged and moving from wonder to wisdom.  Download our “WONDER TO WISDOM APPROACH GUIDE”